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Helpful Tips when using the Enquiries section
Helpful Tips when using the Enquiries section

Hints and tips to help you when you've received or added a new enquiry

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Once a new enquiry has been received directly or manually added into your Current Enquiries section. Click on the enquiry within the Current Enquiries table to view more details, as shown in the example below:

On the left hand side you are shown the contact details and source associated to the enquiry. If the enquiry is ever 'linked to an application' you can also see the application's status here. 

Wherever there is an ellipsis (vertical three dots) button, you are given some more available actions when it is selected. See below images for reference.
For example, in this Enquiry area it allows you to:

  • Edit the enquiry details and also invite the enquirer to apply if they are a student or parent

  • If an agent has made the enquiry, you will have the option to send the agent an invitation to use Enroller

  • Mark a Task as Complete

  • Edit or Delete a previously created note


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