Creating an account as an Agent

How to create an Agent account so you are able to use Enroller to submit an application

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Creating an account is easy - see the below steps on how to get up and running with Enroller

  • Step 1: Your partner schools who use Enroller will send you an invitation to join. Please contact the school to request an invitation, if you have not received one. 

  • Step 2: When you receive the email, click on 'Accept Invitation'

    - If you are already registered with another school that uses Enroller, simply click on 'login', enter your details and click on login.
    Now you will have access to all of your Enroller schools from one place using the School dropdown menu option in the top left corner.

    If you are not yet registered with Enroller, simply click on 'register' and then fill in the mandatory details in the form. You will then receive a validation email.

  • Step 3: Click on the validation email, log in and you are ready to use Enroller.

Please note: If you have received an invite to an email address that you do not want to use as your account email, please request the school sends a new invitation to your correct email address before registering. 

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