Managing the Application Settings

How to edit and manage your Application settings

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To view the Enroller Application Settings, click 'Settings' in the top right-hand corner and select 'Application Settings'.

Your Application settings include the following sections listed below (scroll down for more information):

  • Custom Questions

  • Notifications

  • Terms, Conditions and Consents

Custom Questions

Within your School's application there is a section where three custom questions are populated. This is the area of Enroller where you are able to edit what you would like these questions to be.

Use this area to gain some extra information about the student that isn't already outlined in the standard application process.


Automatic notifications are sent to Enroller users as the alternate party makes progress. Within this area, you are able to add multiple email addresses to receive this email notifications.

Terms, Conditions and Consents 

Within this area you are able to upload your Terms, Conditions and Consents document. When the direct applicant or agent is completing the application process this document is printed, signed and uploaded before application submission. 

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