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Starting a New Application as an Agent
Starting a New Application as an Agent

How to begin a new application in Enroller

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As an agent, to begin an application with a school you will need to contact the school directly to request an invitation to become a registered agent.ย 

When you receive the email invitation from the school, you will need to click the 'Accept Invitation' button as shown below:

Note: The invitation will expire after 10 days. You will need to contact the school to request a new invitation if the original has expired

You will then be taken to a new tab in Enroller with two options:

  • If you have not registered with a school in Enroller before, you will need to select the 'Register' button.
    You will create an account that you can 'login' with in future to view your Application Pipeline.

  • If you already have an account with another school, you should select the 'Login' button.
    This will link your account with this school invitation so you are able to access all schools Application Pipeline's under one account.
    โ€‹View our helpful guide on Switching between school pipeline's here.

Once you have logged in, simply click the 'Apply now' button on the right hand side of your Current Application Pipeline, as shown here:

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