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Using Enroller as an Agent
Using Enroller
Understanding your Current Applications Pipeline, as an Agent
Understanding your Current Applications Pipeline, as an Agent

Learn about the Current Applications Pipeline and how student cards move through the workflow

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The Current Application Pipeline shows you all the student applications you have submitted for a particular school, and what stage of the application process the application is in. Simply click on a student card to view more details. 

Remember if you need to switch to a different schools pipeline, take a look at this helpful guide here.

There are 5 stages of the Current Application Pipeline:

  • Apply

  • Interview

  • Offer

  • Visa

  • Pre-arrival


A Student Card is in this stage while you are completing the application, and also while the school is reviewing the application.
The Student Card will move to the Interview stage when the school has approved the application and selected appropriate times to hold the interview.


A Student Card is in this stage while the Interview process is being completed.
You will need to accept a time that has been suggested by the school for an Interview. Add your preferred Interview method details (eg. Skype, WeChat, Google Hangouts)
The school will then continue the application by providing you a Conditional Offer and Invoice.


You will receive an email notifying you that a Conditional Offer has been sent by the school. Accept or Decline the offer, and pay the fees on the Invoice.
These documents will always be available in Enroller for you to access. The school will move the Student Card to the Visa stage when fees are received.


Once the school receives full fee payment, you are sent a Confirmation of Place and Receipt.
Student Visa applications are not processed in Enroller.
Once the Visa has been confirmed you MUST upload a copy in to Enroller for the school to review before the Student Card can move to Pre-arrival.


The school will add final Pre-arrival details to Enroller for you. These details will include; flight details, insurance and accomodation information.
The school will upload any relevant documents for you to send to the family and student.
Click on 'Confirm Details' if you are happy with all the information the school has given you. The student will then be enrolled and ready to arrive.

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