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Using Enroller as a Parent or Caregiver
The Online Application Guide for Parents/Caregivers
The Online Application Guide for Parents/Caregivers

Overview of the information you need to provide when submitting the application

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The online application is split into 8 Steps. Here is an explanation of each step and what extra documents you may need to provide.

Remember - you are able to save the application at any stage and return later to complete the process. 

Step 1: Student Details

In this section you are expected to provide basic student information and propose dates of enrolment at the school.

Step 2: Parent & Caregiver Details

You will need to provide basic information and contact details on the parents or caregivers of the student.

Step 3: Student’s Medical & Insurance Information

Please provide any details on any current or previous medical conditions the student has experienced. It is essential that you are truthful about this information as it will assist the school in making preparations for the student if they are accepted.

Step 4: Learning & General Student Information

In this section you give the school an indication of the students learning ability and which subjects are preferable if they are accepted. 

Step 5: Accommodation Details

Please give an indication on the type of accommodation that you would like the student to have while attending the school. Remember, this is just an indication, the school will confirm later in the process what option will be made available to the student.

  • If 'Designated Caregiver (relative or family friend)' is selected, you will be expected to give contact details for the designated caregiver. 

  • If 'Living with Parent' is selected, you will be expected to upload a copy of the Parent's Passport

Step 6: Upload Documents

Here you will need to upload the following documents:

  • Copy of the students passport

  • Copy of a recent school report for the student. Translated in English if applicable.

Step 7: Terms, Conditions and Contracts 

You will need to download the Schools Terms, Conditions and Contracts Agreement, sign and then upload here. 

Step 8: Review & Confirm

In the final stage you are able to review the complete application here in case you need to make any last minute changes. 

You will also need to confirm that you are authorised to act on behalf of the Applicant and that you have the authority to bind the Applicant, as well as agreeing to the Terms of Use of Enroller and Enroller’s privacy policy.

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