Reviewing an Application

You've just received your first application. What now?

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When you receive you first submitted application in Enroller you will receive an email notification encouraging you to click a link to view the application. 

Click this link to be directed to Enroller and continue the process. 

Once in the Student's Individual Pipeline, you'll see that in the 'Apply' column a Review Application box has appeared, with a Review button inside. Click this button. 

Alternatively you can view the printable application by clicking the 'Application' document just below the Review box.

After clicking the 'Review' button and assessing the application, scroll down to the bottom of the page to select if you'd like to 'Proceed to next stage' or 'Withdraw' the application. 

If you choose to proceed, this will take the Application to the Interview stage of the Enrolment. 

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