Proposing an Interview

Propose some interview times for the other party to choose from.

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Once you have Reviewed an Application you can now propose Interview dates and times to the other party.

Simply select up to three dates and times to propose to the other party.

When you add in a time, you can see that this time is converted to show that the time would be where the student is currently based. The student's timezone is captured during the application process. 

After you have selected some potential interview times, you will need to add some information about how the interview will be conducted. For example, you could explain that the interview will be conducted via Skype and then include your Skype username for the other party add. 

Once ready, click the 'Propose interview times' button. The other party will then have the opportunity to select one of the proposed times or suggest a new time if the original proposed times do not suit.

If an Interview is not required, you are able to Skip the Interview stage. 

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