The Pre-Arrival Stage

Add any final details or document to share with the applicant

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At this stage of the enrolment process you are able to add and share any final information with the applicant. This includes:

  • Flight Details

  • Accommodation Details

  • Insurance information

  • Any additional School documents - these can be uploaded and shared

  • Any final message or notes you'd like to share before confirming the enrolment

You are able to Save this page as you add more information. When you have completed all the details you'd like to share with the applicant, click the Complete Enrolment button.
You can also choose to send a copy of the Enrolment Summary to the student's parents directly. Click here to view the helpful article.
This then gives the other party the opportunity to confirm and 'Complete the Enrolment' on their end also.
Alternatively, you are able to move the student directly to the Enrolled area of the Archived Applications at this point by clicking the 'Enrol Applicant' button.ย 

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