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Creating a Confirmed Offer of Place and Receipt
Creating a Confirmed Offer of Place and Receipt

The payment from the student or family has been received, what is next?

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The payment has hit the school bank account. Here are the next steps to create a Confirmed Offer of Place and Receipt.

  • Open the student's individual pipeline by clicking on the student's card in the Current Applications Pipeline. (Note: it could be in the 'My Actions' tab or in the 'Awaiting Applicant' tab)

  • Click on the 'Create receipt' button

  • Confirm this by clicking the Payment Received button.

  • You are now shown a summary of the original Invoice. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to add a payment.

  • Once the payment is added, you'll see it above in the Payments made table.
    If you need to remove a payment, click the X button on the right hand side of the payment.
    Click the Next at the bottom of the page to continue.

  • In the Receipt Details area adjust the individual line item amounts as you'd like them to appear on the Receipt. 

  • If the total received amount does not equal the total payment amount Enroller will show you an error message.

  • Add a Visa Reference Number if possible (not mandatory).

  • Click the Create Receipt and Confirmed Offer of Place button to generate the two documents.

  • Review Confirmed Offer of Place and Receipt, then click Send.

To adjust the Receipt before sending, simply click the 'Back' button to return to the Receipt creation area. 

Next Steps - The Visa Stage

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