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Manually add or receive direct enquiries into Enroller to ensure nothing is forgotten

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It is very important to ensure that any enquiries you have received are followed up in a timely manner, as these queries and questions could very well mean your next potential student. Manually add, or receive direct enquires into Enroller. 

Add notes or set yourself task reminders to the enquiry so that all details are stored and can be referenced moving forward.

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  • Receiving enquiries directly into your school's Enroller

  • Manually adding enquiry details

Receiving enquiries directly into your school's Enroller 

When a potential applicant, parent or agent lands on the 'enrolment application welcome page' (directed here from your school website), they now have the new option to Enquire Now as well as previous option to Apply Now.

When the Enquire Now button is selected, this opens up a form giving the user the ability to send any question or query directly to your school's Enroller, more specifically, into the Enquiries section.

You will be sent an email notification each time a new enquiry has been submitted. Click here for more information on email notifications.


Manually adding enquiry details

Alternatively, if you've received an enquiry outside of Enroller and would like to add it into the Enquiries section, simply click the Add a new enquiry button.

This will open up a form for you to add the contact details of who sent the enquiry, before then adding any notes or task reminders for you to follow up. 


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