Re-Enrolling Students who are in Enroller

Hints and tips to help you re-enrol students who have already been enrolled before and are already in your Enroller

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When you are ready to re-enrol students who would like to stay at your school for longer than the period initially enrolled for, Enroller makes it easy to issue a new offer of place and invoice to the Agent or Student.

There are two ways in which you can re-enrol students, one for those who have enrolled previously through Enroller and another for those who were enrolled outside of Enroller. See below for more details;

For students that have previously enrolled via Enroller:

  1. Log in

  2. Click on 'Pipeline' 

  3. Select 'Student Summary'

  4. Select the filter dropdown (shown below) and select 'Enrolled'

   5. From here, click on the 'Re-enrol' box (shown below), this will create a new application that will appear at the Offer Stage in the Current Applications Pipeline. 

tip: You can click on all students you would like to Re-enrol from this screen before going to the Current Applications pipeline screen to create the Offers and Invoices.

Please note: Students will appear with green text if they are re-enrolments, new enrolments will continue to be in black text. 

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