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Building your digital marketing profile
Building your digital marketing profile

An overview of where to add your marketing content for easy access by agents and students

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You will find the 'Marketing' option within the navigation bar at the top of your page. This area allows you to create a Marketing profile for your school, that will be accessible for all your registered agents via their own Enroller.

The benefit to your agents is having the most up to date information that is associated with the school in one place.

There are five main sections within this page where information can be added or uploaded:

  • School Description (you can add links to Videos here too!)

  • Photos

  • School sales brochures

  • School detailed prospectus

  • Tuition agreements & contracts

School Description

In this area, add a description about the school that ensures you capture your value proposition and clearly differentiates your school from others.
please note that you can add links to videos here by adding the URL and using the 'text editor' to rename the link to something more appealing for readers such as "school flyover video"


Please add photos you wish to showcase your school, it's best to add between 8-12 photos. You are able to add, remove or update photos.

School sale brochures

Please add any sales brochures you have for different markets, it’s beneficial to make sure those are named correctly if you have brochures for different markets for example 'China brochure' or 'European brochure'.

School detailed prospectus

If you have a detailed prospectus that explains in detail more information about your school, subjects, and location for example. Please upload this here.

Tuition agreements & contracts

Please upload any agreements or contracts that you may want agents or students to receive. If not, please leave this area empty.

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