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Re-Enrolling Students who are not in Enroller yet
Re-Enrolling Students who are not in Enroller yet

Hints and tips to help you re-enrol students who have already been enrolled before and are already in your Enroller

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For students that have previously been enrolled outside of Enroller, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the file above by clicking on this link, in the top left corner click on File > Download > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

  2. Fill in the information (you should be able to export these fields from your SMS)

  3. Email this spreadsheet to no later than 3 days before you require these students loaded into Enroller to create Offers and Invoices.

  4. Enroller will confirm via email once these students have been loaded into your system.

  5. You will need to then link these students to your registered agents, this can be done via the students profile screen (after clicking on the students card in the pipeline) and the clicking in the top right corner of the screen 'Link to Agent'. As shown below:

โ€‹Please note: Students will appear with green text if they are re-enrolments, new enrolments will continue to be in black text.

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