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Understanding SAM (Student Administration Management)
Understanding SAM (Student Administration Management)

An explanation of the recent SAM release.

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Before the recent release of the SAM (Student Administration Management) feature in Enroller, school users found it difficult to manage student information after they had successfully been 'Enrolled'. The students would all be grouped together in the 'enrolled' area making it difficult to track down a particular student when required. This new release aims to solve that problem.

You can now give 'enrolled' students a status (awaiting arrival, current student, or alumni student), sorting them into the correct school journey group and making them much easier to find when any details are required.

Following the release, within the 'Students' menu on the navigation bar there are now 6 options to choose from to view the various students' details:

  • Enquiries
    This is the same 'Enquiries' area as previously was found as it's own option on the Navigation bar. There have been no changes to this area in this feature release.

  • Enrolments
    Previously 'Applications', which was previously also its 'own' option within the Navigation bar. This is where you find any current enrolments that you are moving from the Apply stage through to Enrolled.
    Current enrolments that are in progress, when successfully enrolled in Enroller, the student's status is automatically updated to 'Awaiting Arrival' (unless the student already has another status selected).

  • Awaiting Arrival
    This area shows all students that have their status set as 'Awaiting Arrival'. Ideally, any student that has gone through the enrolment process successfully, would become an 'Awaiting Arrival' student until they start their study period at the school. At which point, you would update the students status to 'Current student' which would then move the student from the 'Awaiting Arrival' area.

  • Current Students
    This area should show you which student's are currently attending the school, and relies on the student's status being set as 'Current Student' for the student to appear here.
    A student must have a successful enrolment before their status can be set. Therefore for students who are currently at the school, but only have one in progress enrolment, they would only appear in the 'Enrolments' area until they are successfully enrolled at which point they can be set as a 'Current Student'. This is a because Enroller currently doesn't allow historic enrolments to be added, and therefore this may have caused the confusion yesterday. The students you mentioned currently sit in the 'Enrolments' area, however, are not yet enrolled in Enroller therefore that is why they weren't in the 'All enrolled students' area.

  • Alumni students
    Students will appear in this appear when their status has been updated to 'Alumni student'. Ideally, any student that has completed their study period would be moved to this area when they leave school.

  • All enrolled students
    This area shows all students that have been successfully enrolled, no matter what their current status is. It does rely on the student having at least one successful enrolment for them to appear here, so if a student only has one in progress enrolment they would sit in the 'Enrolments' area at the correct stage.

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